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Racism sucks man

Gendo Plankari


Who can’t say the n word, now?

A French atheist as he sees notre dame on fire

Easter Holiday special character on pokemon go revealed!!

This happened

Tfw he cries out in pain as he strikes you

Garcon! The usual plz

It really be like dat tho

Wtf I love LBGTQ now

Can’t yamero won’t yamero

I’ll pick up a new power supply tomorrow

More words of wisdom by Sonic

TFW saiyans and other monkeys complain about racial privilege

Wictor vs Animeniggas and BTFO’d

Before transitioning, Consider the following:

Rover Roben

Man I wish that was me.

Your heresy gave me cancer

When trump says “Your ‘greatest ally’ can sometimes be your greatest enemy.”

TFW black people look at you without speaking

literally every happening

When something so cute says it, it must be true

liking this is wrongthink

a picture equipped for the person looking at it

One day………..

Satania thumbs up

when one cannot even

UwU vivianawoo

raifu momiji

always rember………………..

it’s over your head



Yes, please

bunny bunny bust ur ass

She likes them big long and black

ewwww heresy

That’s Heresy


The missing factor in society

Foku Goku

Disgusted Kaigou